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Neil Hsieh

Thermal Cooling Fans
Fremont, CA
Since its establishment in 1996, Protechnic Electric Co., Ltd. DBA Protechnic USA, Inc. has pushed for and achieved innovation in cooling technology. It has since pushed itself toward the forefront of leadership in contributing innovative DC fan solutions to the industry. Offering a pragmatic view in it’s approach, Protechnic focuses on analyzing the history of itself and the industry as a whole to create thoughtful forward progression into future trends. This careful introspection leads the company to never stop seeking improvement for its products, its management, and the workforce that drives it. It fosters these connections to nurture a closer connection between all levels of the company, its suppliers, and its customers to ensure that all stakeholders contribute to a successful product.

Quality-Focused Manufacturing and Design

Protechnic houses large, highly dedicated R&D and Simulation teams that constantly seek new and impressive solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow. This is supported by:

– Sophisticated testing technology; often resulting in creating custom testing apparatuses

– Quality-focused manufacturing center with rigorous quality control system with extensive protective measures

– Hard-working, collaborative, and customer-centric sales team

Through a strict adherence to this structure and ideals, Protechnic has grown from a purely PC cooling company to one that can offer industry leading fan solutions for applications across nearly all industries. Part of this focus greatly utilizes a passionate and focused R&D department that has yield innumerable benefits in cooling fan customization, high performance curves, low operational vibration, wide variety of stable operating temperatures, and low noise. This has even manifested in cutting-edge IP68 fan solutions that consist of multiple patents. This translates into a fan that could be dust-proof, water-proof, acid-proof, alkali resistant, salt spray resistance for long periods, and fungus-proof.

The achievements we have and will make depend largely on the cooperative nature between our teams that rely on each other for clear accountability, trust, and encouragement. This culminates in gaining the trust of our valued customers.